MacPaint and QuickDraw Supply Code (2010)

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MacPaint and QuickDraw Supply Code (2010)


Early MacPaint prowess by Susan Kare
Credit: Apple, Inc.

The Apple Macintosh compounded viewless precise uprise in element and in instrument. The prowess information MacPaint, which became as presently as launched with the machine in Jan of 1984, became as presently as an happening of that splendour both in what it did, and within the entertainer in which it became as presently as implemented.

For those who poverty to conceive the entertainer in which it awkward “below the hood”, we are gratified, with the authorisation of Apple Inc., to excogitate reachable the characteristic information cater cipher of MacPaint and the inexplicit QuickDraw graphics library.

Supply cipher within the Museum Collection

Present: This textile is Copyright ©1984 Apple Inc. and is prefabricated reachable precise for non-commercial use.

MacPaint is the prowess information programme which interacts with the actualised person, interprets pussyfoot and keyboard requests, and decides what’s to be worn where. The excessive-level ordinary significance is cursive in Apple Pascal, prepacked in a azygos enter with 5,822 traces. There are an player 3,583 traces of cipher in programme module for the inexplicit Motorola 68000 microprocessor, which oblige routines desiring unrestrained action and a some interfaces to the employed system.

QuickDraw is the Macintosh accumulation for ascension bit-mapped graphics, which became as presently as ragged by MacPaint and totally assorted purposes. It consists of a rank of 17,one set digit traces in 36 files, every cursive in programme module for the 68000.

The memoir of MacPaint and QuickDraw


Steve Jobs, Invoice Atkinson, and the 1984 Macintosh
© Frenchwoman Seeff

MacPaint became as presently as cursive by Invoice Atkinson, who became as presently as a member of the characteristic Macintosh category crew. He primarily primarily supported totally it on his primeval LisaSketch (continuously referred to as SketchPad) for the defeated Apple Lisa computer, so he to initiating with famous as it MacSketch. He started impact on the Mac help in primeval 1983.

Atkinson also created Quickdraw prototypal for the Lisa, as LisaGraf. Andy Hertzfeld, digit another key member of the crew, considers QuickDraw “the azygos important bourgeois of the characteristic Macintosh skills” in its knowledge to “push pixels around within the embody pilot at fulgent speeds to variety the high portion mortal interface.”²


Early MacSketch with LisaSketch-love menus
Credit: Apple, Inc.

SketchPad ragged menus to attain a pick patterns and types to plan with, nonetheless Invoice denaturized them with imperishable palettes at the lowermost of the masks, and additional digit another striking reach on the mitt that contained prowess instruments.

One amongst the issues with some primeval graphics purposes became as presently as that as you dragged a appearance or ikon crossways the masks, it desired to be erased from its broken-down field rather than existence redrawn, which introduced on a distracting flicker. Invoice eliminated the glint by arrangement the turn aggregation in a unseeable module buffer, which became as presently as then transferred to the masks hurried when it became as presently as totally ready.


Later MacSketch with palettes
Credit: Apple, Inc.

Around Apr 1983, Invoice denaturized the refer from MacSketch to MacPaint, and initiating adding example gains virtually on a period after period basis: The “Plump Bits” fashion increased masks areas so portion portion mortal pixels would mayhap mayhap substantially substantially more than ostensibly be edited. The “Paint Bucket” strategy identified and crammed winking areas with a sample. The “Lasso” strategy chosen non-rectangular shapes. He modify wrote an enlarge character-recognition turn to fling pixilated characters again into textual divulge material, nonetheless within the closing distant it because he desired MacPaint to be ragged as a refined prowess program, and no individual as an depleted catchword processor.

In composition MacPaint, Invoice became as presently as as pondering most whether or no individual manlike readers would actualise the cipher as he became as presently as with what the machine would excogitate with it. He after recognized most helper in traditional, “It’s an prowess originate, fuck some totally assorted prowess originate… I could mayhap substantially substantially pay instance redaction rank sections of cipher to excogitate them player cleanly organized, player certain. I’m an methodicalness protagonist that the unconditional machine to hold bugs is to excogitate it so as that you would mayhap mayhap substantially substantially more than ostensibly more than ostensibly feature thru the cipher and actualise exactly what it’s doing… And more than ostensibly that became as presently as somewhat of taste furniture to what I bumped into when I prototypal came to Apple… Whereas you’d souvenir to acquire it snug, you’ve obtained to composition it from irritate at the rattling small 5 times.”¹

MacPaint became as presently as realised in Oct 1983. It coexisted in totally 128K of module with QuickDraw and parts of the employed system, and ran on an Eight Mhz processor that didn’t individualized floating-point operations. Even with those scanty resources, MacPaint armored a take of action and feature that ingrained a example customary for non-public computers.


There are middling a pair of incredible anecdotes most the characteristic Macintosh gathering reserved and cured by Andy Herzfeld at Here, with Andy’s permission, are condensed versions of a pair of attention-grabbing ones most Invoice Atkinson:

How daylong did it attain a choice?
A communicator asked Steve Jobs, “How some man-years did it end to note downbound Rapid Design?” Steve asked Invoice, who acknowledged, “Wisely, I awkward on it on and soured for quaternary years.” Steve then advisable the reporter, “Twenty-four man-years”. Steve figured, with Brobdingnagian justification, that digit Atkinson assemblage became as presently as the the aforementioned of sextet fantastic technologist years.

How excogitate you manoeuvre technologist productivity?
When the Lisa gathering became as presently as actuation to terminate their helper in 1982, assignment managers started requiring programmers to place up weekly types news on the turn of traces of cipher they had written. Invoice Atkinson idea that became as presently as silly. For the hebdomad wherein he had rewritten QuickDraw’s wad computing routines to be sextet nowadays rather and 2000 traces shorter, he place “-2000″ on the originate. After a pair of player weeks the managers obstructed asking him to modify conceive the originate, and he fain complied.


MacPaint category became as presently as condemned over by Claris, a helper supplementary of Apple created in 1987. The test help became as presently as launched in 1988, and it became as presently as interrupted in 1998.

After eld of artful helper instruments to charge totally assorted fictive folks, Invoice Atkinson shifted focal saucer to his individualized fictive creations. He is the businessman of “Invoice Atkinson Pictures”,, which celebrates the incredible abstract most nature.

Resources for additional data

  1. Invoice Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld, MacPaint Oral History performed by Grady Booch, 2004, Pc History Museum; transcript
  2. Hertzfeld, Andy, “Revolution within the Valley”, 2004, O’Reilly
  3. Herzfeld, Andy: The Real Macintosh. Anecdotes most the modify of Apple’s customary Macintosh computer, and the folks who created it


  • As a termination of Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs for gift us authorisation to excogitate this arts cater cipher reachable to the facet for approval and discover.
  • As a termination of Andy Hertzfeld for distribution his informing of the history, and gift authorisation to freely ingest textual divulge touchable from his e aggregation and his scheme pages.
  • As a termination of Grady Booch for actuation this mission.
  • As a termination of Invoice Atkinson for gift us the cipher to keep within the museum — and for composition it within the prototypal arena.

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MacPaint and QuickDraw Supply Code (2010)

MacPaint and QuickDraw Supply Code (2010)

MacPaint and QuickDraw Supply Code (2010)

2010, code, hackers, supply, tech, technology
2010, code, hackers, supply, tech, technology

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